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Fairytales and true romance: reading treasure for children

I read with a sinking feeling, an article in the Telegraph March 2011 entitled “Parents who shun fairytales miss chance to teach children morality“.  In essence, they were quoting a report (based on a new book by Sally Goddard Blythe) that found modern parents were no longer reading fairy stories and nursery rhymes to their children because […]

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The new vision for Early Years

The Department for Education and the Department of Health have published the Government’s vision for the foundation years.  In their own words… It is designed to describe the Government’s vision to everyone who commissions, leads and delivers services for mothers and fathers during pregnancy and for very young children, to the age of five. Specifically, […]

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Everything is going to be alright, as long as we lead the way

Earlier this week I found myself listening to a debate about the best way to care for our elderly citizens – and was immediately struck by the similarities between good social care homes and good nurseries. In our experience, a good nursery needs to be warm, clean and comfortable.  It needs to be run by […]

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