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When the cows come up to you, just sing

Last weekend I went to Paddington Farm to help them celebrate their 25 years anniversary.  A joyous occasion with visitors from twenty five years ago visiting the farm.  A stark contrast to the rioting cities we had left behind.   Paddington Farm (of which I am chair) is a charity operating as a social enterprise, […]


Today’s Family is Tomorrow’s Society

  Reflecting on the riots leads me to believe that the complexity of the situation which released such behaviour will need substantial intelligence, pragmatism and creativity to resolve. Like many I was struck by the image of a generation of angry, disillusioned and unpleasant young people who demonstrated quite clearly that they had no regard […]


The Government’s ‘Fish Wish’: parenting made simple

Chatting to my sister in the car the other evening, we were whished into silence by an indignant five year old in the back seat who, demanding our attention, said “Remember the Fish Wish and the Government…” The what? The who?  “Yes,” said Rory with all the authority he could muster, “the Government says to […]

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