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The Carousel or the Chimney: Where is the Minister?

As we count down to the Christmas break which will start for us on Christmas Eve (hopefully at 4pm) I had a look over the year and then I went further back and lawks what did I find? Early Years is a carousel my friends, come to the carousel….   Back in 2002 I was […]

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Get on the train to Brussels and make new friends.

Reading documents from the European Commission require some preparation: firstly a cup of tea and a packet of Fig Rolls; secondly some good music (in this case my favourite Sharon Shannon); and finally a comfortable cushion. As those of you who read this blog (thank you all very much, by the way), I am quite […]

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Be Prepared: 100 Days and counting… and don’t forget the torch.

On Wednesday this week we hosted the sector’s first ever Pan London Olympic strategy meeting.  It was our way of helping London’s childcare industry consider how it could respond proactively and in a grown up way to the inevitable disruption the Olympics will cause during the summer. The Olympics may officially begin in 100 days, […]

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