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The Carousel or the Chimney: Where is the Minister?

As we count down to the Christmas break which will start for us on Christmas Eve (hopefully at 4pm) I had a look over the year and then I went further back and lawks what did I find? Early Years is a carousel my friends, come to the carousel….   Back in 2002 I was […]

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Get off the diet kicks and learn to eat, serve and advise on nutritionally sound food.

Admit it, you’re either going on a diet, thinking about a diet or have just given up a diet and busy trying to accept your muffin top or your beer belly. If you’re from TOWIE, you’re saving up for liposuction or a gastric band! This was the opening conversation I had with three LEYF nursery […]

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Camp beds, James Bond and Pandemonium: the Olympics have arrived.

I was going to blog about babies and business which hit the headlines last week – namely how the newly appointed pregnant CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer will not take maternity leave and bring her baby to work, and the CEO of Addison Lee, Liam Griffin wants his staff to be able to bring their […]

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