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RiRi, Bedouin Tents and the I Ching: Welcome to 2012

Happy New Year and welcome back to my blog. (Thank you in advance!) As I recover from cooking, eating, talking, reading and watching TV (little different there then, except this time a lot of it was done with my extended family, including the delights of my youngest brother and my nieces and nephews who are […]

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The Government’s ‘Fish Wish’: parenting made simple

Chatting to my sister in the car the other evening, we were whished into silence by an indignant five year old in the back seat who, demanding our attention, said “Remember the Fish Wish and the Government…” The what? The who?  “Yes,” said Rory with all the authority he could muster, “the Government says to […]

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Fairytales and true romance: reading treasure for children

I read with a sinking feeling, an article in the Telegraph March 2011 entitled “Parents who shun fairytales miss chance to teach children morality“.  In essence, they were quoting a report (based on a new book by Sally Goddard Blythe) that found modern parents were no longer reading fairy stories and nursery rhymes to their children because […]

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