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A little of what we fancy? Better qualified chefs please!

My Grandmother always said that a little of what you fancy does you good. Sadly, according to recent medical press, we are all too often unable to stop at a little and these days consume far too much of what we fancy. As a result, we are fast becoming one of the most overweight nations […]

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Cans of Coke and Curly Wurlys: enough for a leopard to change its spots?

Sensible organisations try and ensure that staff are involved in developing policies and practices at every level.  Indeed, much is written about the inefficiency of top down approaches to making change happen.  However, in my opinion, the challenge is less in the initial engagement and more in maintaining interest and ensuring behaviour is embedded unconsciously, so […]

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  • Leadership Skills in the Early Years, June O'Sullivan (Continuum 2009)

    Leadership Skills in the Early Years, June O'Sullivan (Continuum 2009)