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Discovering Eva Hart and Ashley Banjo while doing Action Research in Chadwell Heath

Action research at LEYF is a key aspect of how we ensure quality. It’s all about asking questions of ourselves and checking how we can do things better to give children the best service. One way of doing action research LEYF style is through our Sounding Boards, a phrase coined by our HR Director Neil King […]

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A LEYF approach to Men in Childcare: not quite as quick as saying Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Not so long ago, David Stevens, Manager of the Angel Nursery, which for a while had 4 male staff out of a team of five, represented us at the Men in Childcare conference in Edinburgh. He had already been to the Men in Childcare Network Ireland International Conference, where he was the only UK representative […]

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Do we really need men in childcare?

There appears a general agreement that men in childcare are a good thing: the government has set a target to increase the number of men working in childcare; at LEYF we show our support for this idea by, among other things, having one of our nurseries led by a male team (8% of our staff […]

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