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Agent provocateur: leadership or lingerie?

I have been called many things, but being invited by the National College for School Leadership to be a provocateur was a novel invitation. I certainly know I can provoke my husband to distraction, but in this instance I was being asked to amuse, tell stories, harangue and cajole a group of nursery heads into […]

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Budget 2012: baby steps for parents, but much more is needed

You know you have grown up when you know the date of the budget, the Chancellor’s name and that of the Chief Secretary to the Treasury. Nowadays, I know all three! The budget is of interest to me for two main reasons. Firstly, what will it do to help parents better afford childcare, and secondly […]

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A little of what we fancy? Better qualified chefs please!

My Grandmother always said that a little of what you fancy does you good. Sadly, according to recent medical press, we are all too often unable to stop at a little and these days consume far too much of what we fancy. As a result, we are fast becoming one of the most overweight nations […]

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